” Safe Quality Service

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and productive work environment by developing an Environmental, Health and Safety conscious work force through a constant supply of information and training.

Commitment to Safety:

The safety of our employees is paramount. No other business objective has a higher priority. This Safety Policy establishes expectations and guidelines to safeguard our employee’s health and well-being while employed at ICS.

ICS management recognizes that safety is beneficial to employees, family members, clients and our company. ICS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment by keeping our employees well informed and trained on safe operating processes. We expect our subcontractors to have and follow the same high standards.

We comply with relevant Safety, Health and Environmental requirements set forth by our clients, government agencies and surrounding communities.

Each of us must commit daily to working safely. An injury free environment is our #1 goal. Commitment, leadership and engagement will help us achieve this goal. Employees, family members, surrounding communities and clients will all benefit. Safe productivity yields success.  ICS encourages all employees to carry this strong health and safety value beyond the workplace.

Owner: Clinton Farmer


Safety Program

The ICS Safety Program is based on a constant supply of information and training for employees, supervision and management. Documented participation is expected by all levels of the workforce. Daily assessments of employees, work areas, policies and procedures are conducted, measured, analyzed and shared throughout the company.

ICS Supervision and Field Safety Technicians are trained and equipped with the tools, policies and procedures necessary to maintain a safe working environment. Work activities are planned at each level of the workforce. All employees are held accountable for the highest application of ICS and our client’s safe work process.