High Pressure Piping and Connections

ICS provides a service that is specific to process systems operating at high temperatures and high pressures (>20,000 psi). An extensive, well documented training program is continuously executed throughout each year producing skilled craftsmen competent to perform work associated with high pressure systems. This service group provides clients with reliable, dependable workforce dedicated to safe quality service.


  • Fabrication of high pressure tubing small bore and large bore.
  • Installation of high pressure tubing small bore ¼” to 1” id.
  • Installation of high pressure tubing large bore greater than 1” id
  • Installation of high pressure valves and fittings



  • Small bore tubing
    • Cutting stock tubing to length
    • Coning tubing ends
    • Threading tubing ends
    • Tubing bending
  • Large bore tubing
    • Cutting tubing stock to length
    • Welding & fitting high pressure connection flanges to tube ends
    • Weld testing – hydrostatic testing


  • Connection types
    • Lens rings
    • Cone rings
    • Combination lens and cone ring
    • Lens rings with single and double thermos couples
    • Grayloc and oteco rings
    • Small bore tubing connections
  • Systems demo
  • New installations of high pressure tubing spools, systems, valves, fittings and connection components
  • Like for like replacements
  • Maintenance and turnaround related connection disassembly, ring replacement and connect
  • Retrofit to existing systems
  • Field routing and custom installations, system relocations or re-routing of system components
  • High pressure equipment removal and reinstallations with high pressure tubing


  • “Qualified” craftsman on every high-pressure connection
  • “Qualified” quality control inspector on every high-pressure connection and installation
  • Measure and sketch employees skilled, seasoned and proven successful track records
  • Transportation of high pressure equipment, tubing and components. Single load 40ft up to 26,000lbs. ICS has heavy haul subcontract in place and ready 24/7.