Civil & Concrete

I.C.S. has many capabilities for performing civil and concrete work scopes. These capabilities can be performed under contract types such as maintenance, turnarounds and projects. Listed below are some of the services we can provide for civil and concrete work.

Civil Services:

  • Earthwork for
    • Site Preparation and earth moving
    • Foundations
    • Trenches
    • Sumps
    • Drainage / sloping
  • Removal and installation of aggregates, dirt, sand, crushed concrete, rip/rap and limestone
  • Construction and relocation of levees and dikes
  • Transportation of serviceable and unserviceable material

Concrete Services:

  • Demolition of existing concrete structures and foundations
  • Structural foundations including reinforcement and formwork
    • Buildings
    • Pipe racks
    • Equipment
    • Tanks
  • Concrete paving
  • Drainage ditches and trenches
  • Sumps and pump stations
  • Retainer walls
  • Pedestals for pumps, piping, steel and equipment support
  • Elevated decks
  • Blast walls
  • Intake and outflow structures
  • Underground electrical duct bank
  • Tilt-up panels installation