Piping & Mechanical

I.C.S. has many capabilities for performing piping and mechanical work scopes. These capabilities can be performed as maintenance, turnaround, project and fabrication shop work scopes. Our field construction capabilities complement our fabrication expertise providing customers a single-source solution for accomplishing work scopes. Listed below are capabilities and services we offer for piping and mechanical work scopes.

Capabilities overview:


  • Fabrication – Piping (Large & Small Bore)
  • Demolition – Piping systems, piping components, Vessels, Drums and Equipment
  • Installation – Piping systems, piping components, Vessels, Drums and Equipment
  • Repairs – Piping systems, Coded Vessels and Drums
  • Measure and Sketch – Piping Systems
  • Turnkey, Single Source Service – Plan, schedule, execute and commissioning support
  • General Contracting
  • Transportation abilities, single load up to 40ft & 26,000lbs. Heavy haul subcontract in place and always ready.
  • 24/7 support for unplanned, emergency work


  • Small Bore Piping
  • Large Bore Piping
  • Jacketed Piping
  • HDPE Piping
  • Threaded Piping
  • Process and Instrument tubing fabrication (Orbital Welding)
  • Boiler code piping repair
  • High & Low Temp carbon steel
  • Stainless
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium

Piping Installation

  • Piping System upgrades
  • Retrofits to existing piping systems
  • Like-for-Like Replacements
  • New Piping systems
  • Process Tubing
  • Specialty high-pressure tubing/piping systems (>20k psi)
    • Small bore tubing/piping
    • Large bore tubing/piping
  • Valves and other piping system components
  • Piping system pressure testing

Equipment and Vessels

  • Demolition and installation
  • Relocation of existing equipment and vessels
  • Retrofit vessels
  • New equipment and vessel setting
  • Transportation abilities
  • Like-for-like replacements
  • Grass roots construction and installations
  • Coded Vessel repairs