Piling Services

I.C.S. pile division specializes in pile installation both land and marine based. Our employees have performed various types of projects both land and marine based for many of the major facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast. We complete projects with an emphasis on the highest quality of work, along with safety being our number one priority.

We have extensive knowledge in the installation of the follow pile types:

  • Pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete pile
  • Hpile
  • Pipe pile
  • Monopile
  • Pipe/sheet pile combi-walls
  • H pile pipe combi-walls
  • Sheet pile
  • Vinyl sheet pile
  • Pipe caisson

Our marine capabilities include the following:

  • Construction of ship, and barge docks
  • Marine facility maintenance, and repair
  • Installation and removal of loading arms, and dock cranes
  • Minor mechanical dredging projects
  • Pile Installation
  • Bulkhead construction
  • Seawall and combi-walls
  • Pier, Dock, and boat house construction
  • Bridges
  • Barge and ship fender repairs, and installation

I.C.S. pile and marine division has the ability to partner with various engineering firms for design/built projects as well.